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Besser spät als nie//Last but not least – Prince Lestat

Besser spät als nie… … veröffentlichte Anne Rice, nach acht langen Jahren der Abstinenz 2014 ihr letztes Buch in der Chronik der Vampire: “Prince Lestat” … habe ich das Buch endlich gelesen. So, last but not least I read “Prince Lestat”, and I have to say, although Anne Rice writes wonderful as she always has, […]

What’s keeping me so long?

A guilty pleasure: High-Quality-Smut In the last one and a half week I didn’t have very much time to read, but when I read, I’ve been reading the first two novels in Joey W. Hills “Vampire Queen”-Series: “The Vampire Queen’s Servant” “The Mark of the Vampire Queen” And I’m reading the third one at the […]