Besser spät als nie//Last but not least – Prince Lestat

Besser spät als nie…

… veröffentlichte Anne Rice, nach acht langen Jahren der Abstinenz 2014 ihr letztes Buch in der Chronik der Vampire: “Prince Lestat”

… habe ich das Buch endlich gelesen.

So, last but not least I read “Prince Lestat”, and I have to say, although Anne Rice writes wonderful as she always has, I did take my time, to read this book, and I didn’t read it in one go. Why? Because it is very fragmented. In every chapter we have a new persons perspective and we meet a lot of new members of the “family”(this is vampires who are “children” of Akasha, we didn’t read of so far).
But although all this chapters come together to tell one story and we get to know interessting new facts about how vampires exist and scientific background, I didn’t like this view-jumping very much and would have prefered if Anne Rice would have concentrated on one persons narrative.In her defence: Each chapter is written with it’s own voice, which requires craftsmanship.So I enjoyed this journey back to the times of my beloved Vampires, like Lestat, Louis, Armand and Marius, but it was a goodbye journey and I fear I wouldn’t buy another book in the series in the future.

PS: The picture is from the famous movie “Interview with a vampire” from 1994


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