What’s keeping me so long?

A guilty pleasure: High-Quality-Smut

In the last one and a half week I didn’t have very much time to read, but when I read, I’ve been reading the first two novels in Joey W. Hills “Vampire Queen”-Series:

  1. “The Vampire Queen’s Servant”
  2. “The Mark of the Vampire Queen”

And I’m reading the third one at the moment.

The series is about a our world and time, but – there is a more or less hidden vampire society with us. The first two books are about the queen of this society and her finding a new full-time servant who isn’t at all like a servant should be, but even more perfect for her because of that.

Joey W. Hill writes with a talent to let the characters go straight into your head and tells a interessting and exciting story with them.

For everyone who likes vampires who don’t sparkle(!), a light bdsm dynamic with the ladies on top and very hot sex, Joey W. Hills series is the place to go and I strongly recommend reading her novels.


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